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RED! PVP9390A - Micronas Advanced Video Processor for Industrial Applications

Part number: PVP9390A

Manufacturer: Micronas

Category: Semiconductor

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  • Product: PVP9390A
  • Description; Video processor, Chip IC
  • Series: TPS
  • DC: 08+
  • RoHS compliant: RoHS 3
  • Package: T&R
  • HTC 
  • Datasheet
Key Features and Benefits

The PVP9390A electronic component is produced by MICRONAS and falls under the category of Processors / Microcontrollers. Each device is specified over the extended temperature range of -40°C to 105°C (TA).

Technical Specifications

Single-chip solution incorporating various features:

  • A/D-conversion for CVBS or Y/C or YUV, multistandard color decoding, PLL for synchronization of inset channel, decimation filtering, embedded memory, RGB-matrix, D/A-conversion, RGB/YUV switch, data-slicer and clock generation integrated on chip.
  • Analog inputs including 4x CVBS, 2x Y/C, 2x YUV (some inputs shared), clamping of each input, all ADCs with 8-bit amplitude resolution, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for Y and CVBS.
  • Inset synchronization features multiple time constants for reliable synchronization and automatic recognition of 625 lines/525 lines standard.
  • Color decoder supporting PAL-B/G, PAL-M, PAL-N(Argentina), PAL60, NTSC-M, NTSC4.4, and SECAM, adjustable color saturation, hue control for NTSC, automatic chroma control, and single crystal for all standards.
  • Decimation features PIP sizes adjustable between 1/81 and 1/4 in steps of 2 lines and 4 pixels, resolution up to 324 luminance and 2x81 chrominance pixels per inset line, and automatic zoom in/out in three speeds.
  • Display features including 7 bits per pixel stored in memory, field and joint-line free frame mode display, two “split-screen” modes, POP display, up to 12 pictures of 1/36th size, and support for VGA and SVGA screen.
  • Output signal processing with 7-bit DAC, RGB or YUV switch, digital interpolation for anti-imaging, adjustable transient improvement for luma (peaking), contrast, brightness, and pedestal level adjustment.
  • Data slicing capabilities like slicing of Closed Caption (CC) or wide-screen-signaling (WSS) data, violence blocking capability (V-chip), and filters for XDS data extraction.
  • On-screen display allowing 64 characters programmable, 5 characters displayed in every PIP picture or 3 rows of 20 characters each, 4 different character luminance values or frame color, 4 background luminance values or (semi-) transparent mode.
  • I2C Bus control (400 kHz), high-stability clock generation, PMQFP44-1 (lead- and halogen-free) package (SMD), SDA 9488x and SDA 9588x as well as SDA 9489x and SDA 9589x software backward compatibility, and 3.3 V and 1.8 V supply voltage.
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