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Electrical connectors, applications and use

In the face of increasingly compact instrumentation, devices, and applications, the catalog of connectors has become larger and larger and now offers numerous solutions for connecting electronic boards.

Selecting the most suitable connector is therefore critical throughout the design phase to avoid finding yourself in the home stretch and having to make changes.

The easiest way to remedy any errors/disadvantages is always to check the classic pre-requisites in choosing the most suitable connector:

  • Number of connector contacts
  • Type of mounting required (through-hole, surface mount, panel mount, etc.)
  • Mode and placement of mounting
  • Termination method (solder/weld, crimp, pusk-in/poke-in, screw-in, etc.)
  • Need for input protection

Please see in detail the catalog of optoelectronic components we can supply.

  • Adapters
  • Power connectors
  • Coaxial and RF connectors
  • Printed circuit board connectors
  • Audio and video connectors
  • Circular connectors
  • Network and telecommunications connectors
  • IEC and major connectors
  • USB, D-sub and computer connectors
  • Terminals and terminal blocks