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C4BSPBX4330ZANJ - KEMET - Film capacitor - Condensatore a film - Polypropylene film capacitor - Mkp series

Part number: C4BSPBX4330ZANJ

Manufacturer: Kemet

Category: Capacitors

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Per il tuo business da Gamma Components, Distributore di componenti elettronici.

  • Product: C4BSPBX4330ZANJ
  • Description: Film CAPACITOR CAP FILM METAL RAD POLYPROP.  The C4BSPBX4330ZANJ Advanced Business Communication System is a cutting-edge solution designed for modern enterprises seeking robust, scalable, and secure communication infrastructure. Tailored for businesses, this system integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, offering unparalleled efficiency and connectivity.
  • Series: MKP Series
  • DC: 11+
  • RoHS compliant: Yes
  • Package: Box
  • HTC 8532250055
  • Datasheet
Key Features and Benefits
High Dielectric Strength Offers superior insulation and reliability in high-voltage applications. 
Low Dielectric Loss Ensures efficient operation with minimal energy wastage.
Wide Operating Temperature Range Suitable for use in a variety of environmental conditions. 
Stable Capacitance Values Provides consistent performance throughout its lifespan. 
Scalable design Easily scalable, this system grows with your business. It supports a wide range of modules and can be customised to meet the evolving communication needs of large enterprises.
Advanced security protocols Equipped with state-of-the-art encryption and security measures, the C4BSPBX4330ZANJ guarantees the protection of sensitive business communication.
Seamless integration Compatible with multiple platforms and software systems, ensuring smooth integration into your existing business ecosystem
User-friendly interface Designed with a focus on usability, it features an intuitive interface that simplifies complex operations.
  • Power supply
  • Motor drivers
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Automotive Electronics
Technical Specifications
Dielectric Polypropylene (PP)
Capacitance 3.3 uF
Voltage Rating DC 1.2 kVDC
Voltage Rating AC 630 VAC
Tolerance 5%
Numbers of pins 2
Lead style Tab terminal
Minimum operating temperature -40
Maximum operating temperature + 85 C
57.5 mm
Width 35 mm
Height 50 mm
ESR 2.3 mOhms
Capacitance 3300 nF
Life 100000 Hour
IGBT Direct Mount Power Film Capacitor
RoHS compliant Yes
Package Box
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