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RED! HSMB-HR00-R1T20 - Agilent


RED! HSMB-HR00-R1T20 - Agilent

€ 1,00

Per il tuo business da Gamma Components, Distributore di componenti elettronici. Product: HSMB-HR00-R1T20 DC: 02+ RoHS compliant: Yes Package: Preel HTC (Harmonized Tariff Code)  Datasheet The HSMB-HX00 is a designed for applications requiring high-flux in surface mount designs. The product is ideal for telltale backlighting in automotive instrument clusters, LCD backlighting, or general status indication. The high light output lower the cost of lighting by reducing the number of LEDs required for any application   Key Features and Benefits Applications: Telltale backlighting in instrument clusters LCD backlighting General Status Indicators Technical Specifications Product Name 1000146 – Wi-Fi 6E / Bluetooth Tri-Band Metal Embedded Antenna Antenna Type Internal (On Board) Technology Wi-Fi 6E / Bluetooth / WLAN / BLE / ZIGBEE Band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax Frequency 2400-2485 MHz / 3300-3800 MHz / 5150-5850 MHz / 5925-7125 MHz Peak Gain 2400-2485 MHz – 1.7 dBi, 5150-5850 MHz – 4.1 dBi, 5925-7125 MHz – 3.8 dBi Efficiency 2400-2485 MHz – 81%, 5150-5850 MHz – 68%, 5925-7125 MHz – 64% Size (mm) 17.85 x 6.9 x 4.3 Weight (grams) 0.35 Mounting SMT Antenna P/N 1000146 Evaluation Board 1000418 High-flux device Yes Wire bond Elimination of internal wire bond for improved reliability Operating Temperature Range -55°C to 110°C Solder Processes Compatibility Compatible with IR and through-the-wave solder processes Availability Available in 8 mm tape on 178 mm (7") reels Documentation Datasheet