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MC14568BCP - Motorola


MC14568BCP - Motorola

€ 1,00

Per il tuo business da Gamma Components, Distributore di componenti elettronici. Product: MC14568BCP Description: MC14568BCP - MOTOROLA - DIGITAL PHASE COMPARATOR, 16 Pin Series: MC14568 DC: 9744 RoHS compliant: No Package: Bag HTC: 8542.39.0000 Datasheet   Key Features and Benefits fThe MC14568B consists of a phase comparator, a divide–by–4, 16, 64 or 100 counter and a programmable divide–by–N 4–bit binary counter (all positive–edge triggered) constructed with MOS P–channel and N–channel enhancement mode devices (complementary MOS) in a monolithic structure. The MC14568B has been designed for use in conjunction with a programmable divide–by–N counter for frequency synthesizers and phase– locked loop applications requiring low power dissipation and/or high noise immunity. This device can be used with both counters cascaded and the output of the second counter connected to the phase comparator (CTL high), or used independently of the programmable divide–by–N counter Technical Specifications Mfr Package Description PLASTIC, DIP-16 Status Discontinued Logic IC Type DIVIDE BY N COUNTER Sub Category Counters Count Direction UP Family 4000/14000/40000 fmax-Min 3.0 MHz JESD-30 Code R-PDIP-T16 JESD-609 Code e0 Load/Preset Input YES Mode of Operation ASYNCHRONOUS Number of Functions 2 Number of Terminals 16 Operating Temperature-Min -55.0 Cel Operating Temperature-Max 125.0 Cel Output Characteristics 3-STATE Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY Package Code DIP Package Equivalence Code DIP16,.3 Package Shape RECTANGULAR Package Style IN-LINE Propagation Delay (tpd) 1440.0 ns Qualification Status Not Qualified Seated Height-Max 4.44 mm Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) 5 Supply Voltage-Min (Vsup) 3.0 V Supply Voltage-Max (Vsup) 18.0 V Surface Mount NO Technology CMOS Temperature Grade MILITARY Terminal Finish TIN LEAD Terminal Form THROUGH-HOLE Terminal Pitch 2.54 mm Terminal Position DUAL Trigger Type POSITIVE EDGE Length 19.175 mm Width 7.62 mm Documentation Datasheet